“I Called My Cab Guy To Pick Up Someone From The Airport & The Person Gave Him $400”- Lady Reveals

Sometimes when all of your hope is lost and you feel like you have nowhere to turn to, simply surrendering to God and letting Him take absolute control of your situation might just be what you need to have an amazing turn around for good.

We all know how times are hard in the country, and how every one is trying really hard to get by. Sometimes when you’re weak and need help, it is always very difficult to find who will help you and most of the time, when you believe and put faith and trust in God, he will come through for you.

Some hours ago, a lady took to social media to reveal what happened to her cab driver after she called him to pick up her guest from the airport. According to her tweet, the cab guy was weak and needed to pay his rent and he asked God for a miracle and this happened;

“I called my cab guy to pick up someone from the airport for me and the person gave him $400”

“He was weak, he told me he needed to pay his rent and he asked God for a miracle that day”

“God CAN meet you at the point of your need. Stop trying to analyze how he will do it. Just trust”

Wow, the pretty lady ended the tweet with “Just Trust” and that is the most important thing. God does not let those who trust in Him down. But trusting in Him has to go, along with you working. Because no miracle will come to you on your bed, you have to go out and work because that is where the miracle will happen to you.

After her tweet, there were some reactions as people also gave testimonies their own miracles. God really, is a miracle working God.

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