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“I Came Back From NYSC & Found Out My Guys That Didn’t Go To School Have Bought Land”

Need Your Prayers On My New Adventure

Hello guys I don’t want to bore you with a long epistle, I recently came back from service (nysc) and found my guys those that didn’t even go to school buying lands n building for themselves structures especially the ones riding okada. Most of them do have savings of 10k weekly aside other expenses like feeding, rent etc despite having wife/girlfriends n children.

Though I learnt mason work before going to the university but mason work is seasonal especially during the raining season, have been at home for almost 3wiks doing nothing just spending the little savings I had from service.

With that been said I decided to get myself a bike with the remaining money I have pending on when things sterblize (federal/state job or when HV gathered enof Moni for business). If those with family can save 10k weekly, I think I can save 15k weekly since am single and still staying with my parents. I prayed to God for direction Sha but hope my decision isn’t bad?

A lil prayer for me won’t be bad


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