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He Came Out Of His House On January 1 To Wish Others Happy New Year, Read What Happened To Him Next

Regrettable things happen most times and our earnest prayer is that none of us will be part of it. While others celebrated New Year yesterday, the family of this 16 year old boy was mourning him as he died on the first day of the year. His death is such a sad one as it was not as a result of any road accident or sickness.

Kougang Vanel, a 16 year old Cameroonian reportedly woke up on January 1, 2021 hale and hearty; the excited young man who was happy to see a new year left his house to send his new year greetings to his neighbors around the quarter, wishing people a Happy New Year but his life was cut short so untimely. Himself and his group went from house to house in Koptchou district of Bafoussam, ringing bells and wishing people a Happy New year.

A man in his 50s who allegedly killed this boy said that he was perturbed by the noise as they kept ringing the bell from one house to the other. Out of anger, he allegedly resorted in sticking the head of the boy with pieces of wood which made other of his friends to run for their dear lives. This 16-year-old boy was bleeding through the nose and ears and when he was rushed to a nearby clinic, he was pronounced dead.

According to reports, the suspect has been arrested by the police for further investigation into the matter. Just imagine how he lost his life because his door-to-door greeting was creating noise which made this man to attack him.

Cameroonians and Africans have condemned the killing of this young boy by this man. Some are blaming the man for not acting as a father by only cautioning them, instead of beating him to death, while others are saying that the ringing of the bell in the neighborhood is annoying.

Do you think this boy was wrong for using his bell to disturb others? Was the man so heartless to have beaten him to death? May his soul rest in peace.

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