Cameron’s Samuel Eto’o Sentenced To 22 Months In Prison For Tax Fraud

Cameron’s Samuel Eto’o Sentenced to 22 months In prison for Tax Fraud

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Cameron’s Samuel Eto’o Sentenced to 22 months In prison for Tax Fraud

Samuel Eto’o was sentenced in Spain to 22 months in prison for hiding 3.8 million euros from the Spanish treasury between 2006 and 2009 when he played for Barcelona.

According to Spanish local media , His ex-agent, Jose Maria Mesalles, was given a one-year prison sentence, while the prosecution had initially requested four years for Eto’o)and six months for Mesalles of imprisonment.The Cameroonian will not be imprisoned, however, as sentences of less than two years are rarely applied in Spain, especially as Eto’o’s record was still clean. Instead, he will have to pay a fine of 1.8 million euros. Mesalles, on the other hand, is fined half that amount.

Eto’o accepted the penalty, but blamed his former agent. “I recognise the facts and I will pay, but it should be known that I was a child at the time and that I always did what my father (Mesalles) asked me to do,”he said as reported by soFoot.

In 20216 Lionel and Jorge Messi were also allowed to remain free after being sentenced to 21 months in prison for evading taxes to the tune of 4.1 million euros between 2007 and 2009. One can say it is a reoccurent fawl practiced by most footballer in Spain, all speaheaded by agents and other co bodies.

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