Can Barcelona Compete With Europe's Elite Without Lionel Messi? -

Can Barcelona Compete With Europe’s Elite Without Lionel Messi?

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It is no news that Lionel Messi was the pillar that hold the structure of Barcelona team and considering the club’s difficulty in finding a replacement, it remains a big question if the Blaugrana can survive without the Argentina international. The Argentine was their most important player for twenty years ever since replacing Ronaldinho in the team but has now moved on.

More often than not, Leo Messi has saved the club from a series of embarrassment. His teammates have several times struggled to win a match without the star forward. In addition, their most successful era was with the Argentine. This has now put a clear doubt over the Blaugrana’s future following his departure from the club.

Even, during Xavi-Iniesta era, when the Camp Nou side were a force to be reckoned, they depended largely on Messi. In their era, much of their domination yeilded results thanks to Messi’s end product of goals and assists. Despite these two passing prowess, they hardly score goals. Their era cannot win a game whenever their hitman was injured or out of form.

Furthermore, Barcelona with Lionel Messi have struggled against top guns in Europe. For instance, their 8-2 defeat in the Champions League against Bayern Munich and their elimination from the competition at the hands of smaller clubs. The past three Champions League have shown that Barcelona will struggle as they already did with their hitman.

Previously, the club hierarchy made some signings to complement the Argentine but to no avail. Their current signing, Memphis Depay has been impressive so far this season in the league but failed to replicate such form against Bayern Munich last night in their 3-0 defeat at the Camp Nou. The Dutch, even if he tried his best, can only fill a bit void left by the 34-year-old.

In sum, taking into account the team’s inability to dominate a game and win against Europe’s best with or without Messi, it is certain for now, at least that Barcelona will find it hard to compete at the highest level.


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