Can Igbo’s Agitations For Biafra Be Actualized If Igbo Produce The Next President?


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is an organisation that is determined to seceded from the Federal Republic of Nigeria. IPOB is headed by Nnamdi Kanu.

While the Indigenous People of Biafra are fighting for their own republic, there are still some among them that feel that they can still be part of one Nigeria.

In the last Southern governors forum, it was concluded that the next president must come from the South. The Eastern governors are of the opinion that the next president should come from the East, and the Ohanaeze Ndigbo agreed that the Igbos are long overdue to produce the next president.


Is there anything to worry about if the next president were to come from the East? Will the president facilitate the successful secession of Biafra?

According to Raymond Dokpesi, if a president should come from the East in 2023, then Nnamdi Kanu, the main enforcer of the actualization of Biafra, may force the president to grant the Igbos autonomy.

In the statement, Dokpesi asked about the outcome ” if Nnamdi Kanu is to take the place of Aguiyi Ironsi in leading a revolt? ”

Can Biafra really be achieved if Igbos produce the next president? To answer this question, let’ s know what the requirements are if a group of people or region in a given country decides to secede. First of all, it should be noted that the constitution forbids secession, as article 2 of the Constitution makes it clear that Nigeria is one indivisible entity.


However, if a region wants to be independent, here are some things to note:

Since secession is not permitted by the Constitution, it therefore means a referendum must be held to reach an agreement for the seceeding party to be allowed to leave.

The UN only recognizes those regions that have been declared independent by their host country. For example,


Will it facilitate the achievement of Biafra if Igbos are to produce the next president? The president may have lots of influence on the case, but the main decider is the people. If the people agree that they should stay, the president doesn’ t have the constitutional right to declare a region independent.

So, in conclusion, the answer to the question is no, but having an Igbo as the next president may help in addressing the issues confronting the people in the East.

Do you think having an Igbo President in 2023 will help settle the agitations?


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