“How Can You Be Married & Your Husband Will Not Touch You For 4 Months”- Lady Cries Out

One of the perks of being married is that you finally get to enjoy some privileges that single people who are morally upright and God fearing don’t. Unless you are not a Christian or a Muslim, but if you are, both religion really frowns upon premarital sex, so that means you have to be celibate until you eventually get married.

Now, how can someone be married and still be living like a single person when you finally have the right to do whatever you want with your spouse. Some people have been married for years now and it has been as though they are not married.

A lady took to social media yesterday evening to cry out a situation about someone she claims to know. She asked a question that got people talking.

See what she posted;
“How can you be married and your husband will not touch you for four month…what could be the problem ?”

At first everyone thought she was talking about herself, but seeing her replies to people’s comments where she claims this is not a personal problem for her but a true life situation about someone she knows.

To give my own opinion about her question, ‘what could be the problem?’. First of all, I think this situation is one of the main reasons why married people go out of their wedlock to cheat.

Secondly, one of the reasons why couples tend to grow apart over the course of time is sometimes due to the fact that some wives forget to look themselves in a mirror (not literally). What I mean is that, once some wives get married, they forget to take care of themselves and their body.

As time goes by, all of the attractive features that got your husband drawn to you in the first place will fade away and while it fades, it is only right that you keep oiling and maintaining yourself in order to look sweet and attractive in the eyes of your husband. The lack of this is sometimes why many husbands neglect their wives.

This is only an opinion of mine. Other people reacted by giving their own version of what they think might be the problem and the lady who posted this did her best to see that she engaged most of the comments.


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