“You Can Never Build A Home With This Kind Of Woman.” – See How People Responded To This Statement

This is a very devided topic, it is possible to tell which woman is suitable for starting a family or building a home by how they look?, Well, this social media user believes so after making this statement.

“You can never build a home with this kind of woman.” – he wrote alongside a picture of a woman wearing something revealing.

Of course this post and statement received some serious attention as it is very polarizing, and other people on social media responded with comments stating where they stand with regards to this post.

Some people seemed to agree with his statement, while others did not..

“Slowdown chief. Who said she wants to build a home? Rest Bob the Builder hebannaπŸ€§πŸ˜‚”

“Women are not getting it,its not that she is top tier beautiful .The pic suggests that she is ready to dish it πŸ‘ out to any 1 insistent nothing more.if she can do it out here what’s left”

“This kind of woman wouldn’t even breathe in your direction.”

“Men don’t get it, our dress codes don’t mean we asking for it.”

“Imagine building a home with someone who takes pictures like this ne shirt eli ncane…😭😭😭😩😩😩😌😌😌😌”

“Would she even look in your direction? Lets start there”

“That’s insecurities and low self esteem talking

You’re not her type anyways πŸ™„”

The comments are clearly devided, so what is your opinion on this, is there a type of woman for building a home, and can you identify her by how she looks or dresses?.

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