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Can Plastic Surgery Make People Like You Better?

Plastic surgery has been popular among women. But why? Is it owing to the social media or is it because just the nature of a human being?

More on screen time

The cell phone technology has been developing over years, which provides us a way to take selfies and after that there will be a self-examination on the screen. We will check if the nose is tiny enough or the boobs are big enough. It will also increase the chance for a woman to do plastic surgery. After all, nobody is flawless.

Increase your confidence

It seems like a motto or somehow a face: when you are prettier, you will be more poplar. If you used to be that wallflower at a party or secretly have a crush on the hottest guy in your school or your workplaces when he doesn’t know your existence. Now the plastic surgery will help you get what you want by making you look prettier and more charming.

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Medical development

The medical development has been fast. And the plastic surgeon has been inventing safer and easier ways to make you beautiful. You don’t even have to do a real surgery. You just have to get a few injections and your beauty will last for a few months.

More acceptance

Time has been changing and people are more acceptable to plastic surgery. It is not a big deal if you do a breast enlargement surgery or implant silicone into your breast. It’s totally acceptable. Of course people will judge you, but not for the plastic surgery but for being jealous of your beauty.

Celebrity Effect

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A lot of celebrities did plastic surgery. And they are perfect on a magazine cover or Instagram, which will create anxiety for us. So we choose to do the same surgery as if after that surgery, we will be rich and popular as Kim Kardashian.


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