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How Can A Whole Soldier With Muscles Be So Poor In Bed

Just like every woman, Moraa had a wishlist to how she preferred her man. Her type of man was
to be very strong with muscles and should be either a millitary man or rather a soldier. She
believed these type of men did wonders in bed. And so she met Evans through facebook and
instantly begun to date.

The two had been dating for six months but had actually not physically met because Evans
millitary job demanded a lot of time from him. They constantly spoke on phone calls,skyiping and
whatsapp which made them drew so close to each other. They never went a day or two without
speaking to each other.

Moraa was so convinced that she had found herself her dream guy by the look of the photos hes
been sending her. One day Evans was given a one week off from work and since for six months he
had been yearning to see her, he decided to use that time to spend with her.

That evening, Evans went to Moraa’s crib and since the both of them had a lust for sex they
immediately took to the bedroom. The moment Evans penetrated Moraa she started showing
disinterest instead of mourning. After that, she woke up and went to the bathroom and did not
come out for a while. Evans decided to follow her but sadly he walked on her masturbating when
he asked her why she was doing that she replied, You haven’t done nothing at all,umefanya zero work,how can a whole soldier with so much muscle be so poor in bed?

Evans was so ashamed after that reply. He knew that Moraa would eventually leave him if he
failed to up his game. He couldn’t afford to loose her after the close attachmemt he had created and so he decided to consult Doctor Mugwenu whom he had heard about from a friend.

He went to his workshop and explained everything to him. Doctor Mugwenu in turn gave him a
portion that he was to drink any time he wanted to engage in any intercourse with Moraa. He then
went back home and that evening, he drunk the portion before they began to romance, when they
finally begun,Moraa started confessing of how sweet the sex had become. She even tried to stop
Evans from going back to work so that they can continue having a nice time.

Evans was so happy that he was able to satisfy Moraa wituout letting her down because no man
would want to be label as being so poor in bed. Their sex life has been so amazing ever since he
visited Doctor Mugwenu, he hasn’t received any complaints nor has Moraa gone out of their
relationship to look for other women to satisfy her because she is afraid of loosing the sweet
cassava to other women.

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