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Canada, Ireland, Norway, UK, US Release A Joint Statement Concerning FG’s Suspension Of Twitter

Federal Govenment has confirmed the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria.

The announcement was made earlier yesterday in a press conference by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed.


Nigerians have been denied the access to communicate on Twitter as the Government believes the platform offers more harm than good.

According to the Nigerian Government, the use of Twitter in the country serve as a great threat to National security.

However, it remains unclear how Twitter is a threat to National security but other social media platforms are not.


Could there be something the Federal Government is hiding from Nigerians?

Foreign countries have felt the need to react to the current situation of things in Nigeria.

Canada, Ireland, Norway, UK, and the United States have all decided to drop a press statement to condemn the recent suspension of Twitter in Nigeria.

The top countries made it clear that the Nigerian Government is trying to infringe on the freedom of speech of its citizens.

Check out the full details of what they said below:

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