I Can’t Believe This!!! 2 Years Old Baby Arrested And Given A Prison Sentence? See Why

How would a toddler be sent to prison? We have received reports from our sources in Togo that a two-year-old baby has been arrested and sentenced to one week in prison for theft. The incident reportedly happened in a village in Togo.

The baby you see in the picture below was arrested for stealing gold that belonged to the village chief. Having lost this gold belonging to the King, he was sentenced to a week in prison. The child was not tortured but he was giving a fine to pay

According to an eyewitness who sent us this information that we cannot independently verify, One neighbour’s child playing in the king’s palace saw the gold and reportedly took it as a toy. He went playing with it out of the chief’s palace and might have misplaced it.

The traditional ruler summoned the baby, he was tied up and sentenced to one week in prison. The mother is inconsolable. Many people are calling for the immediate release of the baby without condition or the king himself will be condemned.

From later reports, the traditional ruler said the child will go to jail for this crime committed once he is 21 years old. The parents were to pay the fine within 6 months or face serious consequences

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