"I Can't Believe That They Couldn't Allow Me To Touch My Daughter When I Came To Her School"- Actress States - Mc Ebisco

“I Can’t Believe That They Couldn’t Allow Me To Touch My Daughter When I Came To Her School”- Actress States

Due to the conditions that the whole world has been facing for more than a year now, things have not got back to normal. Things have changed and have not yet got back to normal. We all have to hope for an immediate change not only in the country but all over the world.

A popular Nigerian actress fell a victim to this as she went to visit her daughter in school. She said that they could not allow him to touch his daughter and not even a little. You might wonder why she was not allowed to touch her daughter even though she is a celebrity. Well, this shows fairness and it is something that should be done more often. I will now tell you how she got to talk to her daughter and the reason why she visited her.


Kemi Afolabi Adeshipe is the actress that made this statement just a few days ago. She is a well- known Yoruba actress. She has been functioning in the Nollywood film industry always since she made an appearance in the Nollywood film industry.

Kemi tied knots with a Nigerian man who does his business abroad some years ago. The man is named Wale Adeshipe. After their marriage, they went on to give birth to two lovely children who are both girls. They were named Darasimi and the other one is Nadia.

She went to visit Darasimi in her school just recently. She did so because she was missing her daughter who was in a boarding school. She stated that even at all these, they didn’ t allow her to touch her daughter and only instructed her to have any sort of conversation from a distance. When they looked away, she immediately held her daughter’ s hand and that made the actress very happy. All these are to fulfill the Covid- 19 procedures by the school.


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