“I Can’t Date Any Guy Until I See Someone Who Behaves Like My Elder Brother” – Lady Says

It is of a truth that over time, one can develop admirations for their siblings and those related to them by blood. Maybe because they do things the way you like and so on, but an instance where one would say they developed feelings for their brother or sister to the extent of subjecting your relationship to how you feel about them becomes unusual.

But a Lady identified as Victoria Nwachukwu has posted on Facebook saying that she can’t date anyone except that person behaves like her brother because he is the only one she has ever fallen in love with.

See Facebook Post Below;

“To be honest I can’t date any of you guys until I see someone who behaves like my elder brother, cos he’s the only one I have ever had any form of feelings for. So please stop with the excessive DMs”

She further writes that those who are sending her messages should stop doing so.

Her post has sparked a lot of reactions from Facebook users.

See more of her photos below;

We don’t know who the brother is or his relationship status but, what do you think of her statement? Is it right to select a partner because of how one’s sibling behaves?


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