“I Can’t Be Earning 800k And Be Attracted To Someone Who Earns 70k”- Lady Says, Stirs Reactions

A pretty lady and social media user has stirred several reactions on social media after she said she can’t settle for or be attracted to someone earning 70k.


According to the young lady, she can’t be earning 800k monthly and then settle for a man who earns just 70k.

In her words “No way I’m earning 800k and I will settle or be attracted to someone earning 70k.”

Just within the few minutes she shared her thought and her opinion, her post has since been greeted with several reactions as friends, followers and other social media users especially guys, took to the comment section of her post to react and share their own opinions even as many guys have disagreed with her and her submission.


@BG reacted “My first job after graduating from university was 20k. After service, it became 75k. All that time, I never considered myself poor because I knew certain things take time to materialize. Ultimately, the reward for the hardworking fellow who believes in him/herself will be greater than the opportunist”

@amking reacted “Social media standards on it again. So a partner’s earnings has to do with his self worth? I respect your decision, but do well to stand at same position when it has to do with your gender. And who are the people liking this post self ?🤡”

A man’s present condition isn’t what defines him ultimately. Life is in phases; the fact that the man is not up there yet, doesn’t mean he will never get there. The fact that he is not earning as much as the woman or the partner now doesn’t and shouldn’t make him less of a man.

The vital tools every relationship needs are respect, accountability and trust.

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