I Can’t Hide it Anymore, I Am Madly In Love Please Someone Should Help Me – Lady Cries On Facebook

Ladies nowadays are not feeling shy to express their love for someone provided that they love him. In the past, you hardly see a lady that will publicly tell a tell someone that she loves him no matter how strong her love is. It is considered as taboo for a lady to do that in those days. But it seems like the trend has begun to change, in recent years, ladies have started showing their appreciation towards men openly without any shy. This development may not be unrelated to the advancement of civilization that reaches our African society.

Even yesterday, a lady came out publicly to announce her love for a guy on facebook. The lady identified as Eden Bella is a member in a relationship group named NCFFA New Cuties on facebook. She has long been an admirer of another member of the group but it is only yesterday she gathered the confidence to say what is in her mind. According to her, she has been madly in love with the guy for long time and she wants someone to help her convey the message to him.

In her own words, she writes, “I can’t hide it anymore, I am madly in with this guy somebody should help me call the police please. Don’t insult me I am madly in love with.” She shared the picture of the person with the above caption. It is really weird to see a lady announcing her love for a guy publicly. The post has attracted attention of other members of the group and they flood the comment section to symphatize with her. Below are some of the reactions from the other members of the group.

What do you think about this?

Is it right for a lady to express her feelings for a guy publicly?

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