If You Can’t Last Long As A Man, Here Is What You Should Do

This days men hardly last longer than they are expected to do, dew to side effect of drugs you do take.

The study found that bitter kola acts as anti-bacteria, and provides protection against cancer.

However, the study could not find any conclusive evidence to support the age long claim of bitter kola as treatment for food poison, diarrhea or stomach upset and aphrodisiac (libido).

Bitter kola is a great herbs in the Igbo land, it is use to welcome visitors into your during the days of our great grandfathers.

It has help us in so many ways,

This are the the benefit you get from eating bitter kola

  • if as a man you don’t last more than three mins, you should eat this because it helps you to last longer than you expected.

  • as it is writing before, it helps you to cure diarrhea or stomach upset.

  • if you eat bitter kola everyday or twice in a week it do protect any disease from entering you body.

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