Be Careful Of Who You Choose As Neighbors, See What This Man Do To A 17 Years Old Boy

It was reported recently that a 22 years old Musa Hamza has been arrested for the brutal murder of of a 17 years old boy, Adamu Ibrahim. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Alkaleri Divisional police headquarters, DSP Ahmed Muhammad Wakil during an interview with media personalities.

According to the DSP, Musa Hamza lured the boy into a hidden part of the forest and murdered him with a large stick.

After this, he amputated his head and remove the two eyes then burn the skull. Musa confessed to the police that he was pushed to commit the crime after meeting with a ritualist. The native doctor told him to bring the eyes for the money ritual.

It was reported that the victim, Adamu Ibrahim and the perpetrator, Musa Hamza

Wickedness lies in the heart of man and the only means for us to be safe from the harm of a wicked individual is for be cautious. This should serve as a lesson to us, we should always be careful around anybody and everybody, trusting people might lead to your danger.

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