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Carpenter Who Took Away His Coffin Because Family Owned Him

Sometimes you wonder the kind of world we live in. Some people do not show sympathy even small for others. A guy who happened to be carpenter, prevented and fought family over the corpse. He insisted He won’t allow the corpse to be buried unless the family paid his money to him. It appeared that the family went to the Carpenter to make coffin for them. The coffin was to be used to burry the dead body.

However there was arrears the family couldn’t pay to the carpenter. On the day of funeral rite the the carpenter came to the the funeral and insisted He won’t allow the corpse to be buried. The interesting part was that, the people had carried the corpse to the Burrier site but could not burry the corpse.

The carpenter prevented the family from burying it. He held cutlass and warned them not to bring the corpse near the hole they have dig. It heated up and there was fight between the the carpenter and some guys of the family. Some of the family members begged these carpenters to allow them to bury the corpse.

The carpenter did not agree but instead he threw away the corpse and took his coffin. The Carpenter removed the corpse from the coffin And took away his coffin. Family members were left shocked. They could not believe their eyes as their corpse was put on the floor.


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