“They Carry All Manner Of Worms” Amerix Warns Men Against Sleeping With Random Females

Twitter Doctor Eric Amunga, popularly Known as Amerix, has warned men against having intercourse with random women. Amerix has earned a reputation for giving ‘red-pill knowledge through his bold tweets. He also runs a Telegram channel, a website and a podcast where he shares tips and tricks on how men can better themselves.

In a tweet, the doctor made known his thoughts on what men should do to their being to make them clean and safe.

The tweet stated;

“DO NOT bed sluts.They carry all manner of worms, larvae, maggots and eggs from one bed to another.

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Additionally, he advised men on what to do after doing the act with a random female.

“After having sex with a random woman,

-Clean/launder your bedding

-aerate your mattress in the sun

-Leave your windows open for 10 hours to allow sunlight.”

In a separate tweet, Amerix asked men to change their bedding every 3-7 days.

According to him, scabies, pinworms and pub

What do you think?

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