Caterpillar Crushes Lady At Agip-Mgbuosimini Road - Mc Ebisco Caterpillar Crushes Lady At Agip-Mgbuosimini Road - Mc Ebisco
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Caterpillar Crushes Lady At Agip-Mgbuosimini Road

A pedestrian, a lady was run down and crushed by a caterpillar along the Agip-Mgbuosimini Road , Rumueme, Mile 4 in Obio/Akpor part of the metropolis on Monday.

The incident occurred about 11.30 am as passers -by gathered to see the body of the victim.
Police from the Agip Divisional Station cordoned off part of the road until relations of the lady had come to identify her before her remains were removed to the morgue.

When The Tide visited the scene of the incident, it learnt that the lady was walking on the pedestrian lane when she met her untimely death.

Two versions of how the accident occurred were given by eye witnesses. But The Tide investigations reveal that the driver of the heavy duty vehicle was driving behind the lady before she was run down.
An eyewitness who claimed to be few metres away from the lady told The Tide that the vehicle brushed the lady from behind, “she was trying to dodge the vehicle but it seemed her cloth was caught by the vehicle and pulled her down.”

Another version of the story had it that the driver of the vehicle could not see ahead of him, since the excavator blocked his vision to see the pedestrian and so swept the victim away before running over her.

The lady whose name was given as Mrs. Letam Saroh, it was learnt is a widow who deals on second hand clothings and is a mother of two kids.


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