I Caught My Boyfriend Grabbing My Best Friend’s Breasts, I Did This To Him

Hello Editor,

I am not good at writing long epistles, so I will make this very quick. I am very angry with my boyfriend right now. He loves to act like a saint when I know deep down that he is not. He is a dirty sinner and sometimes could even pass as the devil. To complicate issues, he lies a lot, I mean like Lai Mohammed.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I lodged in a hotel alongside a friend of mine. My best friend to be specific. We attended a party together and got stranded after the party as we couldn’t get home. It was really late. We decided to share the same bed together that night. My boyfriend was at the edge of the kingsize bed and I was in the middle while my friend was on the other side.

Mind you, my best friend has very massive breasts. They are close to the level of what popular actress, Cossy Ojiakor parades. She finds it difficult to get her bra size in the market. Since my boyfriend saw her, he had been admiring her chest severally. His eyes are always fixated on her chest level. When I cautioned him, he denied admiring her. He went as far as telling me that he doesn’t like heavy-chested women. He termed her as ugly and not his spec. I was foolish to believe him.

Back to our position on the bed, my boyfriend switched positions in the middle of the night. I don’t know how he did it without me knowing, but I found him in the middle very close to my friend. He was pulling her breasts and my friend didn’t even say a word. She just closed her eyes and remained still like she was dead. Initially, I felt my eyes were receiving me. I stood up and dashed off to the bathroom to wash my face so that I could see well. I was expecting my boyfriend to follow me but he maintained his position and was static this time around. My friend’s entire breasts were out there in his face.

In the morning, I confronted him about the incident. He claimed ignorance about it. He went as far as swearing with his biological mother. He said he must have been ‘sleep-walking’. Even my friend has refused to speak about it like nothing ever happened. I am sure she was conscious of the incident.

She might be secretly interested in my man because he is rich. What am I supposed to do? I can’t let go of this incident. Please, advise me in the comment section. I will be reading actively.

Have a great night Editor.

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