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I Caught My Father Sleeping With My Wife Man Cry out for Advice (Photos)

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She told me that she was transporting my baby a day after, ironically, this happened. The unusual thing is that my dad and wife behave like nothing out of ordinary. My father just got up and told me to obey him from my marriage bed.

He gave me a N15m check in my living room to buy me my choice of car while my wife had come to cook dinners in the kitchen. The whole stuff seemed like a film, as I watched my wife from my father. A force greater than me prevented me, stopping me from pursuing my dad or mom.

I finally called for the courage to move and went to my mother’s flat. When I arrived and told her the whole incident, she begged me not to fight or warn anyone. My elder brother, coming into the apartment of my mother as I told about the incident, laughed and knocked me on his shoulders.

The tale was not shocking for my elder sister, who declined to return from London to Nigeria after she left eight years ago. She told me just to make it easy for me and not to make my wife trouble if my life was appreciated. I’m the latter from three kids and particularly my dad’s favorite. My mum came in this night to take my wife with her in our apartment. Things odd were happening in my family, I didn’t sleep all night long.

My father came to my apartment at 6 a.m. the next day to warn me more or less of trying to cause trouble. He told me what I saw was beyond me and would remain the pattern until he was tired. After he left, I ran up to Epe to meet with a spiritualist at the place my friend took me. The spiritualist told me without much trouble that I’m going to learn how to live with the situation, if I try to challenge my father.

My mother can’t even question my dad, he said. He said, my dad went too far to change and things got hurt beyond fixing things that he had done to us that it took the grace of God for my brothers and sisters and me to overcome the spiritual problems my dad did in his pursuit of strength, wealth and glory. He also told me to continue to tolerating the situation by acknowledging that my father had brought my father into life for his sake to live with my wife

The friend who brought me was seriously ill in the hospital two days after our visit. Doctors have yet to tell him exactly what’s wrong. I need no one to tell me from where the abuse comes from. This made me deeply committed to standing up against my father.

For all his buddies and butt I would like to meet and expose him

Ociates knowing who he is. After that day, I’m already back home. In the night I see my father saying that I should go home for my own good in my dream. My mother and my elder brother held on my phone and encouraged me to return home.

We all live in the huge family complex, which actually is a small estate, as all our domestic employees live within the complex with their family. My dad would not encourage anyone to live outside the building working for him. He persists and has a school bus to and from the school that takes all his employees’ kids, my mother runs.

I’m so lost, please help me. In that home, I feel sorry for everything. How do I question my dad and keep my story alive? I feel so helpless and lost. I feel so helpless. Save me. Save me.

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