Caught My Girlfriend Sleeping With Her Dad And He Offered Me Gh 10,000 Cedis To Keep Quiet. True Life Story

We have been in relationships since university time and we literally did everything together but little did I know of her relationship with her daddy.

He’s Dad use to visit her frequently on campus and most of the time he takes her out until she got to level 200 and he rented an apartment for her due their love affair.

The main motive was for him to be able to stay around whenever he visits so that he can do the do, to me I never suspected anything or thought of anything until one faithful Saturday night.

I usually call her before visiting but this time around I did not, it was around twelve midnight and I was really feeling to do the do so I went to her place.

The moment I got the door I heard a soft moan coming from the room and to be sure I went to check the window and I couldn’t see anything but can hear the sound.

Since she gave me an extra key I decided to open it and I was surprised they couldn’t see or hear me opening it, well maybe they were enjoying the game to much.

When I set my eyes on them I was speechless for a mint but, since the room became heavier with my presence, initially I thought she was cheating with one of our colleagues or something until I turn on the light.

God I was extra surprised it was her daddy, they were clotheless and standing with their birthday body, I couldn’t say a word nor move.

The man quickly locked the door to prevent me from leaving in other not to spread rumors, he tried to explain it to and I realized he started with here in jhs when the mom died,

I was really confused but the daughter says she loves me and she didn’t know how to tell me, the dad gave me 10,000 cedis to continue dating her.

And also to keep quiet about it, right now the money is in my account I keep seeing the girl but any time the Dad comes over I go over to sleep or invite her to my place but am really confused about what to do.

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