CHAOS🔥! SEE REACTIONS As Actress, Bimbo Akisanya REVEALS Her Ex- Boyfriend PREFERRED To SPEND Money On His DOGS Than On HER


Yorrywood actress, Abimbola Akisanya has succeeded in sending netizens agog following her startling revelation that a guy she once dated preferred to spend his money on his dogs than on her.

Bimbola’ s revelation came a few hours after actress, Shan George chided Humans for treating dogs better than they treat their fellow men. Shan George took to Instagram Story to write, ” Human now treating their dogs better than they treat their fellow human. It is really end time indeed. ”

In response to Shan George’ s post, Akisanya shared an experience, according to her, a guy named Kola did her dirty when they were dating by expending more on his dogs than he did on her. Bimbola wrote, ” I actually dated a guy that prefers to spend money on his dogs than to spend on me. Haaa. Kola! ! Hmmmm” .

In a matter of minutes, netizens reacted to Akisanya’ s revelation and some of these reactions are;

” ‘ Once dated’ means you’ ve left him already self but the dog is still loyal to him, 😂” someone wrote.

A comment read, ” I would pick my dogs over some humans in a heartbeat. . . this is not a contest but the reality. . . If you own dogs you will understand this. . . no need for long talk. ”

Someone wrote, ” All these half stories! Aunty, what did you do? Were you of more value? ”

Another comment read, ” A lot of people are moving m*d I see a lot of people saying maybe the dog was more loyal than her, then why was he dating her? how can a human compare human being to a dog? 😥😥😥😥😥”

” Dogs are loyal, the guy know say you go leave am, now the guy don turn your ex abi? You don go but him dog still dey, ” a comment read.

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In related news, Bimbola’ s colleague, Funsho Adeolu has taken to social media to announce to death of his mother. Sharing a video with his late mum, Funsho Adeolu captioned it, ” I miss you mummy but I am sure you are in a better place. sleep well Hannah. ”

Celebrities like Funke Akindele, Faithia Williams and Ibrahim Chatta just to mention a few have sent in condolences to Funsho Adeolu.


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