I Cheated On My Husband To Save His Life And Now He Wants To Divorce Me – Lady Cries Out

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I cheated on my husband to save his life, only for him to turn around and ask me for a divorce.

My husband and I have been married for three years with two children. He works with a fast growing microfinance bank. To me, his job was risky. Apart from the daily stress of meeting targets, I was worried about his security because of the company’s money that was always in his possession.

As time went on, I became relaxed because he was doing fine until an incidence took place in their organization which led to my husband being locked behind bars.

Few weeks in January, I noticed that my husband was no longer himself. He was always indoor on weekends, he hardly eats and was always in a sad mood, lost in thoughts. I was so worried and tried several times to get him to confide in me but he wouldn’t. He kept lying to me that all was fine.

It was on a fateful Friday afternoon that I got a call that my husband was arrested by the police based on a fraud case leveled against him by his company. I was frightened.

I immediately took the kids to my neighbors house and left for the station. It was at the station that my husband opened up to me on the reason he was acting strange and what led to his arrest.

He told me that he took about two million naira from his company’s purse without due authorization. He confessed that he lent the money to someone who promised a ridiculous interest at the end of two weeks. He further stated that he gave out the loan on personal relationship with the person without proper documentation or verification of the collateral.

Unknown to my husband, the person was about leaving the country and the assets he provided as collateral were not real. All efforts to reach the borrower were unsuccessful as he was informed that he traveled out of the country same week he got the loan.

The company would not accept the loss for the shady business conducted by my husband by trading with the organizations fund for his own selfish gain. Hence, he was locked up upon investigation and would be taken to court if the money is not provided within the shortest time.

I was terrified. Where could we possibly raise the sum of N2million? How do I explain to my children and relatives that my husband was thrown in jail for theft? I left the station in tears and thoughts of finding a way to source for the funds.

I contacted all the people I and my husband knew but none of them was able to help. We had no property I could sell to raise fund for his release. We were running out of options and time was ticking fast.

Two weeks went by without being able to repay the organization and the date for the court hearing has been fixed. I was told that the only way the company will drop the charges was if I was able to make payment before the date. Out of desperation, I decided to opt for the worst option left.

I remembered back when my husband was courting me that there was a wealthy Chief who promised to spoil me with money if I agreed to marry him. I refused his proposal because I was already engaged but he wouldn’t stop, he kept on pestering me to be his second wife.

I went over to his office to see him. He was delighted to see me. I narrated my ordeal to him and how urgent I needed the money. He smiled and promised to give me the money without paying back if I agree to spend the weekend with him in his guest house.

I refused humbly, reminding him that I was married with two kids and would be unable to spend time with another man who isn’t my husband.

Chief frowned at me and ordered me to leave his office. He told me if I had a change of mind, I should call him.

I got home that day feeling bad. The only person that could give me the money was Chief but what he was requesting for in return was against my morals. However, the more I delay, the closer my husband gets to being thrown in jail. I had to do something fast to save my husband from the shame.

I picked up my phone, called Chief and arranged to meet with him that Saturday morning at his guest inn but would leave same day because of my children. He smiled and agreed to my condition.

When I got to his guest house, I was shown to his room. Chief was in an happy mood. He told me to sit by his side on the bed and show me the cheque of N2million. He assured me that he was going to append his signature on it if I willingly sleep with him.

At that moment, I had no other option. I consented to his condition and when he was done, he signed the cheque, handed it to me and I left his room, feeling ashamed of myself.

I got home, washed myself and then called my husband’s lawyer, informing him that I have the money with me.

The lawyer made sure all the charges were dropped after the money was returned to the organization and my husband was released from the police custody. I was happy that I was able to save my husband from going to jail, not minding the sacrifice I had to make.

My husband got home that Wednesday and rather than being grateful, demanded to know how I got the money. I couldn’t tell him because of the angry mood he was. I couldn’t lie to him neither.

I tried to cover up but he just wouldn’t buy my explanation. Out of foolishness, I told him the truth. His countenance changed immediately. He called me a wicked wife and a betrayal among other demeaning names. I tried to explain that I was left with no other option to raise the money but he wouldn’t listen to me.

He left the house in anger and returned a week later with a divorce letter.

Right now, I am at a crossroad. I cheated on my husband to save his life only for me to lose him afterwards.

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