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Check Out The 3 Basic Procedures On How To Check The Verification Status Of Survival Fund Payment

The Federal Government survival fund scheme has commenced verification for the giving of money. However,the verification procedures is part of the stage that is required from the registered candidates. Meanwhile,the Verification procedures started last week and qualified candidates can login and check their payment status. These verification consists both your bank account information and information of onboarded employees.
The Objectives Of Survival Fund

The aim of the Federal Government Survival Fund programme is to assist with the computer registeration and monitoring of large, Small and Medium businesses in the country. The scheme consists Payroll Support, Guaranteed Off take and MSME Grant. The scheme will also help the inventory management of the Guaranteed Offtake programme. The scheme is part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, which objective is to support and protect private sector enterprises from current bad economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The MSME and the Guaranteed Offtake programme is also one of the Federal Government survival fund.that is, economic support programme to help large and small enterprises badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the Payroll Support programme is aimed at MSMEs well affected by the COVID-19. The programme will provide Payroll Support to a maximum of ten workers per successful MSME.
How to verify your own status

The following are the procedures on how to check your verification Payment status:


1.The first step required you to login to the survival fund website through and click on login at the top left hand corner of your screen.

2.The second stage is to insert your login information. These details includes the phone number and password you used during the registration.

3.Lastly, you scroll down to the area of the screen where you view an account. Below your account information, you will discovered a bold text written: “Verified”. Note that this will only displayed if your account has been verified. But if it hasn’t been verified, you will see it written just “Captured”.

Do not worry if your own account information still displayed “Captured”, the verification Procedures is still ongoing and changes are been made everyday. Immediately verification of registered candidate is complete, disbursement of funds will begins.

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