Check Out 4 Different Ways You Can Punish A Woman Without Using Violence

No matter how much a man and a woman love themselves, there is still a possibility of having misunderstandings. In fact, what keeps most married people together is their ability to settle problems and not because they don’t ever have problems.

Most men end up beating their woman whenever they have a misunderstanding. As a man, if you are living with a woman – be it your wife or girlfriend, you need to know how to correct her without laying your hands on her. We are going to see three simple ways to punish your woman without using violence.

  1. You can skip meals at home

This is one of the oldest ways men normally punish their wives. Refuse to eat her food for sometime and she will apologise.

2. Deny her some things

This is one of the ways you can punish a woman. Denying her certain things that you normally give her for her own benefit will make her realise her mistakes.

You can decide not to give her money to do her hair or clothes, depending on what she asked you.

This is not to say that you should deny your responsibility as a man. Ensure you provide food for the family and do every other thing you should do as a man.

3. You can deny her some privileges she normally had

If there is a special way you used to treat her, denying her such privilege will make her miss it. Once she realise your treatment has changed, she will feel sorry.

4. Deny her intimacy

In any relationship, intimacy is what keeps the relationship alive. Denying your woman intimacy is another way of letting her know what she did was wrong.

These methods are more preferable when you want to punish a woman that has offended you. Domestic violence is a crime against womanhood and humanity. Don’t lay hands on a woman when you have problems, instead use any of these methods.

Aside from all these, the best way of settling a misunderstanding is through discussion. If your woman does something that you don’t like, sit her down and let the both of you talk about it. There’s no need of beating your girlfriend or wife.

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