Check Out Some Of The Causes Of Kidney Failure

Kidney diseases has become very common and it is a long-term deadly illness that causes the kidney to stop working effectively. The kidneys do very important tasks in the human body and this tasks include removing of toxic waste products from the body, they also help in the regulation of blood red blood cells and the control of blood pressure.

According to some global medical statistics, over 10 million individuals die from kidney diseases every year. In Nigeria, millions of citizens live with kidney diseases, most of these deadly illness can be caused by many things but it is most commonly caused by underlining health issues. Here are some of the causes of kidney diseases.


1) Diabetes

Diabetes can give rise to many other illnesses and kidney disease is one of them. The presence of too much sugar in the human body can lead to kidney damage. This condition is also known as diabetic neuropathy.

2) High cholesterol level


High cholesterol level can cause fat to deposit and buildup in the arteries thereby decreasing blood flow.

3) HIV

HIV positive patients are very likely to develop kidney diseases and this condition is referred to as HIV associated neuropathy.

Other causes of kidney problems include high blood pressure, kidney infections and blockage of urine.

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