Check Out Governor Jude Sanwoolu’s Reply To Someone Who Told Him “Soro Soke Were”

The protest championed by youths to end the brutality, theft, ill treatment, murder and ehxtortion innocent Nigerians face daily at the hand of this police unit.

Today, while a peaceful End Sars protest was ongoing in Alausa, Lagos, hoodlums and street boys started attacking peaceful protesters to make it seem like the protesters were being violent so as to propagate negative press. The hoodlums are said to be sponsored by Lagos State government but the governor has come out to speak out against every allegation calling them false.

Here what he said:

One of his followers then commented using the popular slang “Soro some werey” meaning “speak louder lunatic”

Here’s his reply:

He also replied a lot of comments nicely unlike another person who would have rained curses on them.

See the replies

The governor of Lagos is a pacesetter 👏👏

If only other leaders will follow suit.

What do you think of the Governor’s replies?

Do you like the new slang “Soro Soke Werey”?

Tell us in the comments section below!

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