Check It Out! The New Solution Senator Na’Allah Suggested Will Surely End Banditry In Nigeria


Senator Bala Ibn Na’ Allah of the Kebbi South Senatorial District has pushed for police officers to be properly equipped in order to effectively combat banditry and kidnapping in Nigeria.

He stated that it would necessitate the police being properly equipped with sophisticated weapons, after which they would disguise themselves and become victims of attacks in order to apprehend the offenders.

He stated it was an operational system when asked about the recent purchase of Tucano combat jets and why bandit operations continue.

” As you can see, it’ s a working system. It’ s one thing to have equipment, it’ s quite another to put it to use in order to meet the difficulties we confront today. For a variety of reasons, kidnapping and banditry in Nigeria have withstood these intervention measures.

” For starters, you’ re not fighting because you have opponents on the other side, you’ re fighting because you bring the conflict to their doorstep.

This is something that happens on occasion, but with limited understanding of security intervention, the form and character of crime will decide the control technique to a greater extent, ” he stated.

Na’ Allah, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Airforce, spoke with journalists in Abuja on Tuesday after defending his report before the Senate Committee on Appropriation, saying that the bandits’ operation on the Abuja- Kaduna highway on Sunday, during which a former Zamfara governorship aspirant was killed, was ” extremely painful. ”

” I am of the opinion that this has to do more with empowering the police to ensure that communities are effectively secured, and as I have said, there’ s nothing to stop the Nigeria Police from getting some of these sophisticated weapons and conducting surveillance on those roads so that some of them can become victims, from which they would know how to go about it, ” he said.

He believes security agents should not wait for an attack to occur before acting, and police officers should participate in flying war helicopters to survey neighborhoods and gather intelligence.

What is your take on what Senator Na’ Allah suggested?


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