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Check Out These Kids Who were born With Super Hero Powers all Over the World

Deepak Jangra

Deepak Jangra is an Indian kid, who has the ability to withstand electrical shocks. According to reports, he said he discovered his power when he was repairing his mum’s heater. He said during the repair, his hand mistakenly touched a naked wire but couldn’t feel any shock. He also said, the day he finally discovered his powers was the day he wanted to remove a DVD discette manually and his hand hit one of the naked wires and he also couldn’t feel any shock or wave in his body. With these ability, Jangra now has the power to withstand about 11,000 volts which is enough to power over 500 houses.

Nong Youhui

Nong Youhui is a young kid born in China. He was widely referred to as ‘Cat eyes’ bright blue eyes and the ability to see clearly anything in the dark, just like a normal person will see in the day. And with these ability, he was able to set the record for the first human to be who can see clearly in the dark, by the World record academy.

Nandana Unnikrishnan

Nandana Unnikrishnan is a young kid born in Brazil. She was said to posses the ability to read her mother’s mind. According to her mother, she said that she believed it was coincidence, due to the fact that whenever they plan on taking her somewhere or buying anything for her, she would know without anyone telling her. After different tests, the doctors diagnosed her to be suffering from Attention deficit hyperactivity Syndrome (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD).

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