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Check Out Names And State of Top Army Officers Who Are Set For Forceful Retirement

It is a well known fact that the military tradition does not allow a senior officer to bow to or salute his junior. This practice has seen nothing less twenty top Army officers in the country, set for forceful retirement following the appointment of Major General Farouk Yahaya as Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff. It should be recalled that the position became vacant following the death of Gen. Attahiru Ibrahim in a plane crash about a week ago. With Major General Farouk Yahaya’s appointment as the country’s Chief of Army Staff, about 24 top Army officers could be set for forceful retirement.

According to a publication by Sahara Reporters, nothing less than 24 top Army officers were bypassed to appoint Major General Farouk Yahaya as the new Chief of Army Staff. These top officers however, could be heading to forceful retirement to pave way for the newly appointed Farouk Yahaya. This is in line with the military practice. The officers who could be heading to forceful retirement are listed below with their state of origin.


  1. O. Olawumi – Ekiti State

  2. J. O. Akomolafe – Kwara

  3. C. O. Ude – Enugu

  4. J. Oyefesobi – Ogun

  5. M. O. Uzoh – Abia

6 C. C. Okonkwo – Imo

  1. M. S. A. Aliyu – Zamfara

  2. U. M. Muhammed – Niger

  3. B. M. Shafa – Ogun

  4. N. E. Angbazo – Nasarawa

  5. Y. P. Auta – Kebbi

  6. A.S. Maikobi – Bauchi

  7. B. Ahanotu – Anambra

  8. S. A. Yaro – Bauchi

  9. J. Sarham – Kano

  10. H. E. Ayamasaowei – Bayelsa

  11. O. F. Azinta – Enugu

  12. B. A. Akinroluyo – Ondo

  13. K. A. Y. Isiyaku – Niger

  14. A. T. Haman – Borno

  15. A. M. Aliyu – Gombe

  16. H.P. Z. Vintekaba – Taraba

  17. K. O. Kadiri – Lagos

  18. I. M. Yusuf – Yobe



It should be recalled that the appointment of Major General Farouk Yahaya as Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff to replace the late Lieutenant General Attahiru Ibrahim, has continued to generate reactions from the public due to the belief that there are other qualified and experienced officers from the top ranks who could have been appointed. It is no doubt the the country need more hands in the fight against insurgency in the country. Thus, many have not seen the need to appoint someone whose emergence would lead to the forceful retirement of others.

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