Check Out Photos Of This Pretty Female Soldier, “Officer Poxy Ajebo”

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A pretty female soldier has taken to facebook to slay on her uniforms, she made this post today to mark Sunday and her friends are all wowed on how she looks cute and beautiful.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, despite her beauty and curves this lady has decided to fight and protect her dear country by enrolling as Nigerian soldier, she decided to showcase herself in her uniform instead of getting good reaction people turned out the blast her saying she should mind the battle field and stop showcasing her beauty on social media.

I was shocked when I came across their comments and I asked if this should be the support Nigerians are supposed to render their female soldier? No! Instead of bad mouthing her, she should be praised and promoted for having the gods to showcase her beauty.

Earlier today I was bored so I decided to access my Facebook account to ease my strees when i came across a post shared on my timeline, this post was shared by a female soldier who hails from Benue State in this post the lady decided to tell the world that soldiers also looks beautiful in their camouflage.

But after she shared this post, her friends made mockery of her saying that she should desist from social media and face the battlefield that soldiers are not supposed to stay on Facebook. I wrote this article to ask if those asking her to delete this Pictures are really saying the right thing?

She said that “beauty is power, smile is in the word”, that was the motivational caption officer Poxy Ajebo made while sharing her photos today.

Officer Poxy Ajebo is indeed beautyful, just like other young ladies she has decided to lay her life down for her country but still find little time to flaunt herself on Facebook for her family members to remain at peace.

May God protect her and give her courage to triumph over all obstacles and terrorism.

What’s your take on this?


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