Check Out The River Where Sacked CSP James Nwafor Allegedly Dumps Bodies of Youths He Has Killed

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With the peaceful protest going round the country, it has led to many discoveries from around Nigeria about the extent of police brutality and even some wicked officers have started dancing to the music.

Just few days ago the Governor of Anambra state has sacked Csp James Nwafor, who has been severally alleged by many to be responsible for the killing of many youths in the state, it was even unfortunate that many said that he even threatened to kill them and nothing would happen, and truly nothing has been happening, but thank God for the spirit of unity that brought Nigerians together to fight against this Police brutality.

It was a very sad thing that only few hours after the dismissal of CSP James Nwafor, the river where here allegedly dumps his victims has surfaced on social media, here’s the tweet of it;

In this tweet this popular Social Media influencer in the name of Mr Macaroni said that; this was the contaminated river where CSP James Nwafor dumped over 1,000 bodies of youths he has killed

It was even said that the river was where where he dumped Chijioke’s body and then told his father to swim and look for him, can you imagine such cruel words!.

It should be noted that the name of the river where he has been alleged to dump the bodies of youths he has killed is “Ezu river”, which shares borders between Enugu and Anambra.

Here are some other tweets about it;

This whole incident has proves that those with power need to be checked and controlled because, power really does turn humans into something else.

Just take a look at this tweet when a lady initially called him out to openly allege him:

My dear able follower, which punishment do you think this wicked man called James Nwafor deserves?

Do drop your thoughts in the comment section below

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