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Checkout 12 Beautiful But Deadly Flowers That You Should Approach With Great Caution (With Photos)

There is a saying that goes ‘don’t judge a book by its cover” well whomever coined out that saying is very correct. Because many things are completely different from what they look like.

This saying also apply to plants and flowers. Some flowers and plants are so beautiful and attractive that we feel the urge to touch them or smell them.

Some of these beautiful flowers and plant are so beautiful and yet deadly that touching them alone can introduce deadly toxins to the body.

You many even see some of them as ordinary unharmful weeds whereas they are deadly plants and flowers that can kill a full grown adult in days or minutes and in some cases death is very painful.

Here Are 12 Innocent Looking Beautiful Flowers And Plants That Are Deadly.

1. Lily Of The Valley:

This beautiful looking flower normally blooms during the spring season. And instead of being called Lily of the Valley it should have been called Lily Of Death.

The flower shaped like a bell rings the last bells of one life in a slow and painful way. Consuming this flower causes the heart beat to slow down, it causes vomiting and stomach pain before eventually leading to death.

Worst of all is that even a small quantity can be deadly when it is ingested.

2. Morning Glory:

only the name of the plant will tell you how beautiful and attractive this particular flower is. The Morning Glory has seeds full of deadly toxins and poisons.

And when ingested in large quantities, the beautiful morning Glory will cause diarrhea and then lead to liver failure and eventual death if not treated.

3. Oleander:

The name of this flower sounds so much like a French Romantic pet name. But romantic or not, the Oleander is a beautiful but deadly plant.

This plant is only meant to be admired and never eaten. Because even accidental ingestion of the Oleander can lead to a painful death.

Death starts from slowed heart beat, fever, loss of water in the body, tremors and if not treated immediately death.

The harm that the Oleander causes does not just come by eating it. But also, burning the Oleander can release dangerous toxins which are potentially deadly to inhale.

4. Castor Bean Plant:

I suppose many people have heard of Castor Bean in one way or another. The plant is used as treatmeant to many mild diseases and infections.

However, notwithstanding it’s remedial powers the seed of this plant is quite deadly. The seed of Castor Bean Plant contains ricin, which is one of the deadliest naturally occurring poison known to man.

Swallowing the seed of Castor Bean Plant is very deadly to children and when consumed on medium to large quantities it can lead to diarrhea, nausea, and dehydration in adults and possibly death.

5. Foxglove:

This flowers come in alot of beautiful and attractive colours and are usually found in England.

Just like a Fox animal is known to be cunny so is the beauty of this flower deceitful. Ingesting any part of this flower is toxic to man and can cause tremors, nausea and delirium.

6. Hydrangea:

Have you heard of the poison cyanide? has been used severally in assassinations and a type of it was even used by the Nazis in their concentration camps during the second world war.

The Hydrangea as beautiful and as attractive as it may seem contains cyanide which is very deadly to any one who ingests especially, if it is taken in large quantities.

7. Wolf’s Bane:  

Just like the cunning of the foxglove flower, the Wolf’s Bane is danger in sheep clothing. This pretty plant contains a poison called aconite.

Aconite is a poison that affects the heart and the nerves and you donot need a doctor to know how deadly a plant that attacks the heart and nerves can be.

Infact, as deadly as eating the Wolf’s Bane is, touching it is almost as deadly as eating it. Touching any part of the plant with bear hands can cause choking and numbness. And if the person is unfortunate to have an open wound at the point of contact it can lead to death.

This plant is indeed a wolf in sheep clothing and it is no wonder it was given the name Wolf’s Bane.

8. English Yew:

It contains a toxic substance called alkaloids which when swallowed, can lead to, paralysis, convulsions and heart failure which can then cause death.

This beautiful plant is often used for high decoration and mazes as we see in the movies.

9. Deadly Nightshade:

Just as the name suggests, this plant is a deadly ‘nightshader’. The Deadly Nightshade lured people to consume it with it’s sweet berries before eventually killing them.

The Deadly Nightshade contains two poisons namely, scopolamine and atropine in almost all part of it which means that all parts of this plant is dangerous to consume.

Eating or accidentally ingesting any part of this plant can cause, paralysis and heart failure and eventually death if not taken care of.

Deadly Nightshade is so deadly that touching the plant alone, can cause skin irritation.

10. Rhododendron And Azalea:

This beautiful and colourful pink flower is the perfect decoration for the compound. But it’s beauty also equates it’s fatality.

All parts of the Rhododendron And Azalea are deadly and Ingesting any part of it can lead to loss of consciousness, pain in the abdomen, inability to move and eventually death if Medica assistance is not provided.

11. Rosary Peas:

This plant is called rosary Peas for a reason. It’s seeds look like rosary beads. And it is known to be used in making rosaries and some other prayer beads.

Rosary Peas is very deadly because it contains a very poisonous and toxic substance known as, Abrin which prevents protein synthesis in the body.

When the seed is whole the Rosary Peas is completely unharmful, but when it is broken or even scratched contact with it becomes deadly more so if it is eaten.

It kills by causing multiple organ failure after stopping protein synthesis in the body.

12. Dieffenbachia:

This beautiful plant is also called the the dump cane but believe me when it come s to killing, there is nothing dump about this plant.

The Dieffenbachia kills people who are unfortunate to ingest it by blocking their airways thus making it impossible for them to breath.

Even physical contact with this plant is irritating as it causes itching and burning sensations.

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