Checkout 3 Factors That May Have Contributed To APC’s Poor Performance In The Anambra Election


It is no more news that the independent national electoral commission declared the Anambra gubernatorial election inconclusive yesterday because the election did not hold in Ihiala local government.

Although a new date for a supplementary poll was set by the electoral umpire, but as it stands now, APGA has won 18 local governments, with YPP and PDP each winning one.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) and its candidate, Andy Uba, are the only major party that is yet to win in any local government during the elections.


This is a surprising development because several political heavyweights decamped to the APC just weeks before the election, leaving the ruling party with essentially nothing.

While this is shocking, it is crucial to consider some of the factors that contributed to the APC’ s valiant loss in the election, which saw its nominee, Andy Uba, win no local government.

First and foremost, Anambra has always been a stronghold for the APGA and PDP. It’ s been that way since the beginning, and even the APC’ s candidate, Andy Uba, ran for office under the PDP’ s banner a few years ago.


This is true not just in Anambra, but throughout the South East. Because the APGA and PDP have ruled the zone for so long, any new party, no matter how popular, is considered as a stranger.

The people of Anambra went to the polls to vote for the party they are accustomed to, as seen by the preliminary results, which show that the APGA and PDP are in the lead.

Another factor that contributed to the APC’ s defeat was Andy Uba’ s lack of political experience in Anambra. He was ousted days after taking office as governor a few years ago, and he has been battling ever since.


The Chris Ngige factor also played a role in the election. During the party’ s primaries, Chris Ngige was accused of campaigning against Andy Uba being elected as the party’ s candidate. He requested that the event be canceled, but he was ignored.

He hasn’ t really supported the party in Anambra after then. Whatever way we look at it, Chris Ngige has a lot of power and understands how to play the political game in Anambra, but he had to hide since he wasn’ t carried along.

If some of these aspects had been taken into account, APC would have had an advantage, but regrettably, they did not.

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