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CHECKOUT How Bode George Responded When Asked If His Criticism Of Tinubu Is Born Out Of Jealousy

There is always a cause for Chief Olabode George to bring Bola Tinubu into the debate whenever he has the opportunity to talk Nigeria politics, especially when it involves Lagos.

During the Wednesday edition of Arise News’ Good Morning Show, the PDP chieftain had another opportunity to lash out at the APC National Leader over his decision to run for president in 2023.

Tinubu had met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock palace earlier this week to inform him of his plans. The move sparked widespread outrage when it went viral on both traditional news platforms and social media.

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Bode George, in his usual frank and bombastic manner, reacted to the situation by calling the moves an insult to Nigerians. He was outspoken in his opposition to Tinubu’ s choice to run for president.

Similarly, while speaking on the Good Morning Show, the former Governor of Old Ondo State stayed firm in his opposition to Tinubu’ s presidential bid.

When questioned if his criticism of Tinubu stems from jealousy, the PDP leader dismissed the claim, citing several reasons why he will continue to oppose Tinubu’ s political style.

Bode George, who admitted he had no personal grudge against Tinubu, has called on Nigerians to demand an explanation for how he ruled Lagos for eight years. How has Lagos fared since his departure?

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He added that if Tinubu cannot explain his source of money other than serving as governor of Lagos for eight years, he has no justification to run for president of Nigeria. On the day of the 2019 general election, he also challenged Nigerians to demand an explanation for what two fully loaded Bullion Vans were doing in his house.

Tinubu’ s decision to run for president of Nigeria, according to Bode George, is an affront to the entire populace’ s collective sensibilities. He insisted on coming out and answering some nagging doubts about his ethics.

He stated that he has no personal vendetta against Tinubu and that he is not criticizing him out of jealously, but that there is a need for him to clarify some topics that have already been made public.

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