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Checkout What This Lady Did That Made People To Call Her A Hero During A Flood In Port Harcourt

It’s really sad that up until now, NIGERIA who have been blessed with so many Natural resources, chief of them all being oil is still backward when it comes to good roads, drainage systems, and infrastructures.

Sadly, it seems as though there is no one speaking up for communities that have been plaque with bad road and drainage systems, causing flooding anytime rainfalls.

Such communities keep losing their lives and properties to the neglect of the government.


Seeing all that has been happening, sole individuals have taken it upon themselves to try and save others from avoidable mistakes especially during such floods.

One such person would be this lady in the photo below who was hailed for her extraordinary show of concern. A man said, “Today, under the rain at Mile 3 Market, Port Harcourt, this lady stood at this spot with a stick and prevented waste plastic and school children from falling inside that drainage hole which was hidden by the water. You’re my hero.”

Some people may not understand the magnitude of what she did until you hear stories of how so many people have died from not knowing that such holes are on the road during such floods.

Below are some Reactions to THIS.

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