Checkout What Lagos Slay Queen Said After Fetching Firewood From her Village Bush

If you’re buoyant enough, whenever you travel to the village try and appreciate your loved ones who are there permanently. No doubt life in the city could be stressful but that of the village is more stressful, and we can attest to it unless you were not born and brought up in the village. Those in the city enjoys some technologies e.g washing machine, electric/gas cooker, availability of water etc.

Meanwhile, rural dwellers hardly enjoy such opportunities as all their works are been carry out manually. They fetch water from the stream, firewood from the bush, does a lot of trekking when they want to visit some places but life in the city is always like that.

Nenye, a beautiful Facebook friend from Anambra who reside in Lagos, took to her page on Facebook and shared her experience as she visited home for Christmas and new year festive. As a daughter of the soil who derive joy in trying out what she has not being doing for long gave her ordeal as she tried out one today.

She marvelled as her strength of those days has drastically reduced as she was unable to carried the firewood she fetched in the bush to her father’s house. Prior to such development, she extend her accolades to villages who still engage themselves in such manual labour.

This is what she said about her experience today. (Fetching of firewood adventure).

Indeed village life is not an easy one, whenever you visit home try to appreciate them in your own little way, and sure they would reciprocate in their own little way too.

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