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Checkout The Meaning of “Ikonso”, The Name of The Slain ESN Commander In Imo State

The name Ikons began to trend on the social media following the death of the Imo State Commander of Eastern Security Network (ESN). It can be recalled that the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), had recently set up ESN as a joint security network for the old Eastern region which the group refers to as Biafra. Following the death of the Imo State Commander of ESN who is known as Ikonso Don, many have been wondering what could be the possible meaning of the name, Ikonso.

As it can be observed, Ikonso is a combination of two Igbo words “Iko and Nsọ”. While Iko is the Igbo word for cup, Nsọ on its own, means holy. Therefore, the name Ikonso simply means “Holy cup”. Nsọ is always used by the Igbos to describe something that is holy. For instance, when you hear an Igbo person say that “Nsọ ka Chineke dị”, It’s simply means that God is holy, or Holy is the Lord. On the other hand, the preference of English words among some Igbos, has gradually reduced the use of Iko. Instead, many Igbos including the elderly ones, mostly use cup instead the Igbo word for it.

Having discussed Iko and Nsọ above, and as well give the English meaning to be “Holy Cup”, I believe that by now you have come to understand the meaning of Ikonso. Although Iko and Nsọ are derived from what is termed “Central Igbo”, it is important to note that there are several dialects within the Igbo language, and the name of cup may vary according to the dialect. Therefore, if you know another name for cup in your dialect which is different from “Iko”, feel free to tell us by dropping your comments below. This will go a long way to enlighten us. Thank you.

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