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Nigerian men have been accused of having zero romance in them. It often feels like on the day of creation, the romantic bone wasn’t implanted.


What many may fail to realize is that Nigerian men have found a way to instill some romance in their lives. Their own way of expressing love may not be like the westerns but the common factor here is “expressing love.”

They feel love but may not show it in the usual way. It’s not the western flower-giving, romantic getaway and PDAs kind but it’s unique to Nigerians and many Africans.

The problem is women have been exposed to the western world, and even Asian content (especially Korean dramas). They want to be shown some tender loving care just like it’s done in other countries but a Naija man no sabi.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

On the other hand, men say women are the problem. They believe Nigerian women are the ones who aren’t romantic, and therefore don’t know how to receive all the love they give.

Some Nigerian men would see a woman who appreciates gifts to words as materialistic. Why spend money on her to show her you love her when you can just tell her right? Wrong!READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

It doesn’t necessarily have to be gift, it doesn’t have to be a public display of affection, or even kissing her every chance you get; what it may be is the same words of affection. You simply need to know your woman and what makes her tick.


The first step to being romantic is wanting to be romantic; and the next is knowing the different ways you can be.

Women have different love languages, and if you want to be romantic the right way, you need to express the right one(s).

Words of affirmation: For women like this, telling them you love them often works. This is what romance means to them.

Quality time: For these women, even if you tell them you love them, they won’t believe it until you spend quality time with them. So, when you accuse her of nagging, she probably just wants you around so she knows you love her since you prioritize her.

Receiving Gifts: This is the type of women some men run from. They love receiving gifts from you because it proves you love them and were thinking of them. They aren’t bad if they like gifts, just mix it with other love languages so you don’t wear yourself out.

Acts of Service: When you do things for this category of women, they know you love them. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Some men are self-centered and won’t go out of their way to do things for others, but when they really fall in love, they compromise.

Physical touch: Tell her, buy gifts, spend time with her or do things for her, and she won’t still believe you love her until you touch her. It doesn’t have to be sexual but can be just cuddles, smooches, etc.

Men of More, which of these would you try out with your lady friend?

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