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Checkout The African Tribe Who Value Pot- Belly Men Than Six Pack Men


Africa is a tremendous landmass that houses numerous nations and clans. A portion of these clans prefer practicing antique their way of life rather than the civilized way of life.

The Bodi clan are generally found in southern Ethiopia. They are one of the few tribes in Africa, who still go by the traditional or antique way of living. They means of trade is batter, although this method of trade have been shunned. They walk for quite a long time to arrive at their market where they trade products or get a few.


This clan do not allow their members to call the name of individuals outside, with the exception of some ‘ big’ people. Hitched individuals are not additionally permitted to converse with themselves out in the open. This clan typically honor their cows so much that they don’ t kill them to extricate their blood which they drink. They rather make an opening in one of it’ s veins to receive blood and close it back with mud.

This clan prefer ‘ pot- belly’ men than ‘ six- pack’ men and this could be noticed in their most intriguing festival known as the Ka’ el function. They typically notice this in June. The fourteen families that make a clan will introduce one unmarried man each for a competition on who becomes the fattest and fittest. These qualified men will plan for this competition for a very long time and during this period, they won’ t meet with any lady or be seen outside their cabin. They will drink a combination of blood and milk from cows. At the crack of dawn, they would drink two liters of blood and anybody that spews the blood could be excluded.



Following a half year, they are intended to emerge from the cottage. That day, they would cover themselves with cinders and mud and go around trees for quite a long time while the appointed authorities take a close look to know who is the fattest. Any one whom they announce champ is delegated the fattest among the men and is rewarded with a lady to marry. They are additionally profoundly regarded in higher chieftaincy positions.

African clans are truly astonishing as they have various culture, with which most clans embrace more than Western Civilization.


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