Checkout What The Governor Of Sokoto State Suggested Nigeria Must Do To Survive


Aminu Tambuwal, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum (PDP- GF), has stated that Nigeria must accept restructuring in order to survive.

Tambuwal, who also happens to be the governor of Sokoto State, went on to say that Nigeria must embrace technology in order to combat insecurity, unemployment, and other issues that the country is currently facing.

He announced this in his remarks at a two- day PDP National Retreat with the subject ” It’ s time to save Nigeria, ” which was held on Tuesday in Abuja and featured speakers from across the country.

” Nigeria needs to reform its political system as well as its economy, security, and business practices. It must accept the concepts of relative autonomy and decentralization of power, among other things.

” Our people, particularly our youth, will be energized as a result of this. Allowing Nigeria to flourish is long overdue. It is possible if everyone works together.

” The second point to make is that we must accept innovation and technology as a way of life. The solution to the youth unemployment time bomb will be found in technology.

” Agriculture, medical, industrial, and educational advancements are all made possible by technological advancements. In fact, technology has implications and influences on every aspect of our lives.

According to Tambuwal, ” it is in this regard that we continue to denounce the Twitter ban as a retrogressive measure that should never have taken place. ”

He went on to say that the People’ s Democratic Party (PDP) remained the only genuine option to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and that the party could not afford to disappoint Nigerians.

” We must keep the flame of hope burning. We have what it takes. Yes, we can, as President Barack Obama would say. ”

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