Chioma Had Sex With His Dad, Now She Wants To Marry The Son

Hello Editor,

It’s been a while. This is my first time writing you a message. I have always enjoyed the stories of other people and I never thought I would share mine. Please hide my identity; I don’t want the story to be linked back to me by those in the know.

Just call me Chioma. I am 32. I have lived a bit of a rough time. During my university days, I was into runs. I wanted to meet up with my mates who were living large. I slept with several married men for money. I had everything as well as a classy car which I used in painting UNILAG red. My male colleagues never dared to approach me. I turned the most brilliant ones to my aides. It might sound like bragging but it is so true. They rallied around me doing my assignments and tutoring me on classes I missed and I paid them well.

Fast-forward to my NYSC days, I turned Born Again and changed my ways. I later met a fantastic handsome man during my days at a first generation bank in Nigeria. We fell in love and decided to get married. Things went smoothly till I met his parents. Before then, I saw pictures of his father on his phone and he looked familiar. I couldn’t place the image. I later moved on.

Lo and behold, I met his family last year after the lockdown and realized I once slept with him. It was an Abuja trip. Someone arranged me and my friends for some big politicians and his father attended the party. That night, it was some sort of group sex which I wasn’t used to but the pay was heavy. I slept with two men that night as they kept switching different girls. His father was the second person I slept with. After the event, I holidayed in Dubai for a week with a part of the cash. I never saw the man again.

It was an embarrassing moment to see him again after two years. He called me in private and told me to quietly break up with his son and disappear that my history is bad. He said it is a taboo for him and his son to sleep with the same woman. He has given me an ultimatum after which he would come clean with his encounter with me.

My fiance doesn’t know my past. He will surely break up with me if he hears my story. He hates runs girls and usually talks down on anybody doing such. I never thought my past would come back to haunt me. Where do I start? Where do I go from here?

I hope this story will serve as a lesson to other young ladies sleeping around for money. There is nothing as bad as selling your body. I have been shamed.

I pray I survive this but I doubt if I will. I am becoming suicidal because I can’t picture myself without my fiance. I love him so much. He is all I have ever prayed for.


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