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After Christians Stood As Guard For Muslims To Pray, See What This Small Boy Did Next (See Photos)

Their decision to stay behind at the protests ground to conduct the Friday prayers, while their Christian’s brothers stood around them, forming a wall to protect them from any possible harm from onlookers.

Nigeria couldn’t hide their joy, after seeing how the EndSARs Protest could bring everyone together, irrespective of age, color, background, tribe, religion, or even language.

Few hours after the prayer, a small boy who happens to be a Yoruba by tribe took his things (goods) he was supposed to sell and started sharing to the Protesters around him.

He was begged by some set of people to collect money from them, but he refused as insist on sharing it for free. His only heart desire was that the protest that’s on shouldn’t stop, so young once like him would be able to go to school and have a better future tomorrow.

See his reply taken by a protester who was present at that time:

See how fans reacted and praise him.

@MrFestus “The education of this lad is not the immediate concern of our govt. Millions of his likes are struggling on the street while others are in class. This kind of country, my children must never inherit. This is just the reason I advocate for a better country — that works for all.”

@Sanniayo “He gave his snacks for free!?! It’s his widow’s mite to ensure he gets a beta 9ja. That sends a message to the protesters & govt at once. He has supported the cause. Just like Govt is beholden to us, #EndSars protesters are beholden to him. Let’s not lose sight of the goal”

@Thepotato_man “At his age, he doesn’t believe in the system present but 100% in the power of actions caused by the power of Today’s movement. Unlike some older than him, that fell flat for peanut to spoil a good movement. He sure knows what it means to be a leader & he sure is.”

It pains me to see and watch how a young boy this small, will take his windows mite just to encourage his elders in the fight for a better future, that people like him would be proud of.

While growing up, we never had people who fought for our future this hard but am glad we are doing this for our younger ones, our children, and our future. Together we shall End every form of backwardness in this country.

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