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‘Church Ruined My Marriage And I Cried Every Day For A Year’ Celebrity Radio Personality Confesses

Joyce Gituro is a reknown radio personality, if you listen to Radio Jambo, Coro, Milele and Citizen you have probably heard her voice. She was married for 12 years but she is now divorced. Joyce believes that the Church is what ruined her marriage. This is her story.

For over 10 years they were blissfully married and she confesses that her husband introduced her to God and helped her grow her faith. For a long time they worshipped in the same church with her husband and they had a blissful union.

This was until one day, her husband demanded they change to a different church, ’A Celebrity Church.’ Despite her spirit not being at peace in that church, she obliged. One day, the pastor in the new church ordered them to close all doors and windows and literally ‘ cough out the devil.’ Joyce felt this would be a health hazard and she excused herself and her children. This is where trouble began in their marriage because her hubby accused her off disrespecting both the church and the pastor.

Her husband also withdrew lump sums from their joint account without her consent to donate to the church. Her husband eventually fell into debts and went bankrupt to appoint he walked out of the marriage taking all household items and matrimonial property with him.

‘I cried every single day for a whole year, because separation is very painful’ The media personality confesses

Today Joyce is a single mother and still a practicing radio personality.

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