The Cleverest Way I Caught My Ex Cheating

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So, I used these tactics to catch my two exes ( I’ve only had two bfs , one was cheating on me 3 years out of 4. The other one was 1 year , he was with his baby mama for 6 months )

• ask for his phone and say your phone isn’t working ( go to your own carrier account and pause your service ) if he’s overprotective of it. Something is off.

• used his own phone against him , I knew his passcode (iphone 6s) , I turned on his “Find my iPhone” or if you know his Apple ID and PW. You can see all his iCloud photos. ( found nudes of the chick, can’t erase it from my mind , just letting u know )

• I went to Spain for a week with my mom , so I put a hidden camera that picks up audio as well that I left it in one of my stuffed animals he liked so much. ( I had to turn it off before I was gonna vomit ) I texted him every time she was over , he would avoid my calls , knowing his work schedule was confused on why he would “still be at work” , checked the cam , he was home fucking the girl. He completely lied when I told him to come clean knowing he cheated. I left the apt having jet lag , went home and said I forgot my keys, he started to get worried and wouldn’t stop calling me. So I left him hanging until I finally picked up after the 14 th call , heard him crying and apologizing.

***I forgot to mention , the girl was faking being a friend to me just Bc she wanted to know his locations , work schedule asking about both of our days off , he told her to not hang with me but she didn’t listen so idk what she wanted out of me. He always asked for extra cash if he was behind on the rent since I only paid 1/3 of it , she was willing to give $200 min of her money. So , I robbed her in a way , since the home wrecker took the man that I was in love with away. I’ll take something precious too. Your puny paycheck and tips. After a few times I was the one who was asking and she would tell me not to tell him where I got the money. So it was perfect because I ended up putting it in my savings , thanks bitch it was nice robbing you.

Anyways. I’d visit home to help my family out. He would go out with her instead of taking me to events and his friends eventually stopped talking to him. Knowing he was cheating on me. They informed me pictures at an event they met one drunken night. Mind you I was just at the next block seeing it in person. But I walked the other way and met up with my friends I barely spoke to because he didn’t want me to have any guy friends. At this rate you disrespected me and you shouldn’t be called a man , a mere playful boy. He would talk to her like a princess and beat me and talk down to me. The moment He went too far with the beating , I swung my softball bat at him to defend myself, he knocked out and didn’t remember hitting me. I was distant with the chick too so she wouldn’t see what he did to me. For a fake friend she did care about my safety but stuck by his side. I don’t wish her and him good luck since they’re both toxic in the head and heart. I feel bad for her ,20 since that’s her first Bf ,31and he’s a “ perfect example “ of a lover. ***

If your gut is telling you he’s cheating, he probably is. Does he accuse you of cheating ? ( insecurity) behavior has changed ? Fight often , about the stupidest things Don’t waste your time. It’s really not worth the pain you’ll be and get in. Don’t , let him convince you that you’re crazy. trust your guts and try these tactics

Good luck love.

Just know if he is , he’s immature and a child if he’s cheating. He doesn’t respect you. If he did and if he loved you , he would only love , respect , adore only you.

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