Once You Clock 40 and Above, Reduce Consumption Of These 2 Things To Avoid Chronic Health Issues

The world was designed in such a way that humans get weaker as they grow older. As we get older, most organs in the human body gets weaker and as such prone to developing certain serious health conditions.

It is advised that once a person clocks 40 and above, the person needs to cut down on certain foods or ingredients as some vital organs in the body has grown weak. So, in this article, we are going to have a look at just two things you should reduce the consumption if you don’t want to develop chronic health conditions.

1. Sugar: when a person gets older, the person naturally gets weaker, the vital organs that help regulate sugar in the human body, grows weaker and it’s functionality reduces thus increasing one’s chances of developing sugar related health conditions. In some people that are either above 40 or around that age bracket, their Pancreas gets weaker and insulin production reduces thus making the person prone to Diabetes or the person’s blood sugar going high and low at intervals. So you need to reduce the way you consume sugar if you don’t want to suffer from this health condition.

2. Salt: it is important you note the headline of this article well before reading through, I never said you should not consume sugar or salt, I only asked you reduce it. Reason being that the body grows weaker as one gets older, and not just physical weakness, the person in question generally gets weaker even internal organs get weak. Older people often suffer from high blood pressure as a result of high consumption of salt, just ensure you cut down on salt consumption.

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When you get older i.e. 40 and above it is most advisable for you to divert to fruits and natural fresh foods instead of depending on artificial things. Thanks.


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