COMEDY, TRAGEDY, JEOPARDY As Nigeria Army Raises EndSARS Complaints, Confirms Police Brutality And Murder || Details


Two popular sayings crossed the mind of this writer as he puts together this report for the consumption of his esteemed and avid readers. They are: ” people who live in the glasshouse shouldn’ t throw stones” and ” the rich also cry” . While the former connotes that you shouldn’ t criticize other people for bad qualities you possess, the latter denotes that those that are seen as very rich in our societies also undergo tough times in their lives.

Then the question that should be on top of your mind is how do these aforementioned narratives would fit into this article? .

SaharaReporters has exclusively reported that the Nigerian Army revealed an ongoing investigation into the killings and physical assaults of its personnel by men of the Nigeria Police.

In a letter dated November 23, 2021and signed by Major Gen. J. A. Ataguba on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff, soldiers and officers in all military formations, units and establishments were directed to forward recorded cases of police brutality.

The evaluation exercise became imperative in order to assess the frequency of such cases and find a way of putting relevant measures in place to checkmate future occurrences.

” The NA is constitutionally tasked to provide aid to civil authorities when called upon. This responsibility has occasioned conducting joint activities with members of the civil and paramilitary organizations. These joint operations with other security agencies particularly the Nigerian Police (NP) create occasions for the police to equate its hierarchy with the NA and this has often led to friction, especially at the lower levels” the letter reads

” This friction has occasionally led to bodily harm and in some cases death to our troops. This is in spite of the fact that the victims have been identified and established to be serving personnel.

” This Dept is therefore conducting an evaluation of these occurrences with a view to establishing the frequency and recommend possible remedial measures to stem the tide. Consequently, all NA corps, formations and establishments are please requested to forward all recorded incidence of police brutality against personnel of the NA” it added

” The report should cover the last 2 years. Returns to reach this NLT 8 December 21 and should be forwarded using enclosed formal. ” it concluded

From the foregoing letter, the introductory sayings of this writer should to some extent be understood. But In case of a few ambiguities, the Nigeria Army that reportedly wrote its personnel are known to be a very formidable institution in the hierarchy of our security agencies.

More so, its training objective which is unarguably ” to kill” , one would have expected the Nigerian Police to be their least headache when it comes to professional engagement including moments of disagreements. They should always have an edge due to the level of intelligence and skills that comes with the profession. But it is rather funny not unfortunate, to hear that a military institution like the Army, known for abusing some civilians at every slightest provocation or perceived offence against its professional doctrine could cry foul to police brutality.

The most provocative of it all is the ongoing #EndSARS panel leaked report which fingered the Nigerian Army and police as responsible for injuring, shooting and killing of some harmless, defenceless and mostly young protesters on 20 October 2020 at the Lekki Toll Gate Plaza. Their major offence was a peaceful demonstration against extrajudicial killings, torture, brutality and other abuse- related offences by a notorious unit of the Nigeria Police- Special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS) which was pronounced disbanded by the Federal government during the protest.

Therefore, isn’ t it contradictory and self- indicting that an institution that had shot and killed young Nigerians protesting against police brutality would today be complaining of being brutalized by the same police personnel?


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